Virgin White Patti

Colour Width Thick
Virgin 09 mm 0.03
12 mm 0.04
16 mm 0.05

Our strap technology is marked CE and guarantees: Production of strap to all international standards for packaging and other industrial applications. Production capability up to 200 kg/h. Consistency of strap quality. Reliable performance of the strap for either semi or fully automatic packaging machines

The Heavy Duty Tie Strap is based on Virgin White, is lighter, more flexible, and easier to handle than conventional Strapping Rolls ties of equal strength. In addition, the unique orientation process imparts excellent creep resistance over a wide temperature range compared to conventional strapping ties. Also available in handy 100' or 200' rolls of tie strap and bags of heads for unique versatility and quick application.

Straps have 1000's of uses. These 24" long straps are good for securing tools and materials in your truck. Hook and loop straps are great for securing heavy duty electrical cords and hoses. The big end is cut to accept a mechanical fastener, so you can fasten them to the wall or your utility box and hang your gear.Strap is great for tie down, bundling, and organizing. Cut to short lengths for an economical cable and garden tie solution.Strap is great for tie down, bundling, and organizing. Cheap enough to use for ties, and holds incredibly tight when wrapped twice. This is the best size tape for all around use.